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Wed., March 14, 2018
7:00 pm

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Youth Corps
for high school age volunteers
Welcome to Nyack Community Ambulance Corps, a volunteer organization in Rockland County, in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State. We are neighbors helping neighbors, giving our time, energy and love to keep our community safe around the clock. Our members’ ages range from young high school students in our Youth Corps, to men and women 60+ still actively responding to emergency calls or contributing in many other ways to our organization, which has been protecting and serving the historic Nyack Villages since 1939.

Members come from every profession, some with a background or future plans in medicine, but most with no medical experience or aspirations at all. Every active riding member is thoroughly trained, at corps expense, to the level required. Ongoing CME (Continuing Medical Education) classes and drills keep members certified and up to date in every aspect of emergency care.

In addition to training, both for initial certification and ongoing requirements, there are many other members’ incentives and benefits (find out more under the Join Us tab). Opportunities for service and leadership abound, as the corps continually renews itself with new members of every age and stage of life.

We are your neighbors, your friends, your family, the person you just passed on the street. We work on Main Street, and on Wall Street. When the people we encounter thank us for our service, we feel proud, but also very grateful to have the training and the ability to respond in a crisis. Volunteering is a gift we give, and an even greater gift that we receive.
251 North Midland Avenue • Nyack, New York • 10960 • (845) 358-4824